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We Are Happy you're here

We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations.

If you have the travel bug, we completely understand!  For us there is nothing more exciting than visiting a new place, meeting the people and learning about the history and culture.  We have traveled around the world to build our partnerships and to truly understand the destinations we recommend ensuring a seamless and exciting travel adventure for you!

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide a wide variety of travel options.

From adventurous customized safari’s for two to exciting group river cruises down the Nile, we have done it!

This Is Our Passion

We love what we do and firmly believe travel is an important part of building an accepting and understanding world through the exploration of diverse and unique cultures.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Destinations.

Why Choose uAdventure

uAdventure is the premiere travel agency for university study away, group travel, honeymoons, destination weddings, corporate travel, and vacation planning.  At uAdventure, we go the extra mile to provide you with a smooth, stress-free travel experience.


Trained Agents

We require our agents to undergo training before working with clients. With over 120 agents country-wide, we have agents specialized in every type of travel!


Flexible Cancellation

Because we work with a variety of insurers, you can find the right cancellation policy for you to put your mind at ease about booking your trip.


Best Vendors

At uAdventure, we only use the best vendors. Our partners have been vetted by us to ensure you receive top-notch serve during your trip.


Experience with large groups

We work extensively with large groups including leisure travel, destination weddings and university study aboads. There's no group too big or small!


Specialty tours

We specialize in specialty. We have an array of tours to cater to any interest from wine to photography.


advanced trips

Some trips require more planning and design that others. There's no trip to complex for us to put together. If you want to tour Europe and make 15 stops with trains, boats, castle stays, and knight dinners, we've got you covered!

we care

our vision & giving back

Our vision statement:

We envision a world that respects and appreciates the beauty, diversity, wonder and glory of its people, lands and cultures through travel.

With this in mind, a portion of our proceeds go to assist university students to study abroad and grow their educational scope and overall worldview with the hopes of a bright future of cultural awareness and understanding.