Part of the fun of traveling to new places is experiencing the different food choices the area has to offer.  Being from New Mexico originally, a return trip home always calls for plenty of enchiladas and sopapillas.​​

They’re just not the same anywhere else in the country!  Now, living in Missouri, it’s the barbeque that can’t be beat.  Across the world, every region has it’s own celebrated culinary dish.  On a recent trip to Prague, tourists were greeted on every corner with a delicious pastry called a trdelnik.  These cone-shaped pastries are formed by wrapping the dough around  a large dowel and frying.  They are then dipped in cinnamon sugar and can be  eaten alone or filled with a multitude of yummy ingredients including whipped cream or apple pie filling.​​

Of course, there are plenty of foods that may not sound as appetizing as a trdelnik to an American.  Don’t shy away from them, however.  For example, I was quite reluctant to try a steak covered in sambal oelek sauce in Amsterdam.  Turned out to be the best dish I’ve had to date!  Sure, sometimes it won’t turn out that well.  Like the time we tried whole herring straight out of the sea in a quaint little Dutch village.  ​​
It was not my favorite to say the least, but I’m still glad I tried it!  It’s part of the experience…  It’s part of the adventure!  So, remember to become a foodie of the regional fare on your next trip to fully appreciate the area you’re visiting.  You’ll definitely come away with some good stories to tell!