While planning trips, I try to make everything become part of the experience, including the mode of transportation.  Why not make the necessary, and often tedious means of getting around in an unfamiliar city, a part of the fun?  On a recent trip, for example, instead of yet another walking tour, we opted to see the city on a segway.  We covered more ground than we could have walking and created memories from the experience of riding the segway itself.  ​​

You can gain a whole new perspective of a city from different forms of transportation as well.  While in Amsterdam, a boat tour is a must.  The city has waterways throughout that allow you to view the beautiful architecture of the waterway homes and businesses in a unique way.  ​​

Traveling by rail is a great way to get from one city to another while having an adventure at the same time.  A train ride through Germany will present you with the opportunity to spot castles on rolling green hills.  A summer night train ride through Poland lets you sleep with open windows listening to the clink-clank of the train.  Whether its by rail, segway, boat, or anything thing else you can think of, making transportation a part of the fun will make your whole trip more enjoyable!

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